Monthly Archives: September 2013

Why an eTwinning project

As I worked as a financial consultant in an international company (Accenture), I know how important is working in teams. In the current world all the results that are worthy are carry out by teams of people, not just by a single person.

When I started to work as a teacher, I was surprised by the solitude of the job. You have to prepare your classes and work alone with your pupils. There is only a little of collaboration with the rest of the department`s teachers, but it is at the start and the end of the academic year.

When I first was aware of the existence of an European Network of Teachers (that is eTwinning) I thought this was my opportunity for developing a collaborating project.

I have now two partners, Peter and Oriana, and we are just to start the course and so the project “Enterpreneurship at School”, but we have been working hard during summer, and I can say that theses moments have been the most gratifying of my career as a Teacher.

I hope the very best of this project.